This album won the Pixinguinha grant from the Culture Ministry of Brazil, that provided an Ebinho Cardoso Quartet tour in Mato Grosso and record the CD Cerrado.

The album features David Feldman (piano), André Vasconcellos(double bass) and Sandro Souza(drums), and also had the participation of Carlos Eduardo Santos and William Isaac (Violin I), Reginaldo Birth and Eduardo de Oliveira (Violin II), Gliciane Chiarelle and Carlos Eduardo Pereira (Viola), David Gardner and Peter Bevilaqua (Cello), Lyubomir Popov (Double Bass) and Murilo Alves (conductor).

Produced by Thiago Marques CardosoRecorded, mixed and mastered by Thiago Marques in 2009Inca Studio - Cuiabá - MT - BrazilExecutive Directors - Rejane De Musis and Karla MaragnoGeneral Director - Sidney MarquesGraphic design and photos - Teo MirandaPhoto Ebinho Cardoso - Wersley Aguiar

1 - Maitri – Ebinho Cardoso

2 - Vendaval – Wilson Bebel, Milena Tibúrcio and Lucas Tibúrcio

3 - Paraíso abissal – Paulo Monarco

4 - Minha Rê – Ebinho Cardoso

5 - As horas – Wilson Bebel

6 - Coisas do amor – Juninho di Sousa and Wilson Bebel

7 - Teia de renda – Milton Nascimento and Túlio Mourão

8 - Do coração – Ebinho Cardoso

A Comédia do Coração

Cavaquinho and electric bass: In a first eye may sound like two opposite instruments. Generally, they are classified as accompaniement instruments or associated with certain musical genres. In this Duo, Ebinho and Pedro's emotive and interpretive similarities break with stereotypes and join different instruments in a exciting musical discourse. A plus is Ebinho Cardoso's voice, already known by the unique expressiveness singing instrumental songs. This triple alliance musical recorded "A Comédia do Coração (The Comedy of the Heart)" in 2011. On this album , the simplicity and beauty of the melody, present in the compositions and interpretations, is the hallmark. Technic and knowledge according to the musicality. Music, expression of feelings and emotions.

Ebinho Cardoso - bass and vocals

Pedro Vasconcellos - cavaquinho and voice

Produced by Ebinho Cardoso and Pedro Vasconcellos

Recorded, mixed, mastered and co -produced by Thiago Marques from 02/2010 to 02/2011 at Studio Inca (Cuiabá - MT - Brazil)

Design and Illustration : Marina Rocha

Executive Producer : Lorena Oliveira

 No rastro dos ruídos remotos das rodas da infância

After years of transcribing step by step of how to play hamony on an electric bass, Ebinho Cardoso overcomes the barriers of difficulty of execution on the instrument, in a work for solo bass where he executes songs written for other instruments like piano or guitar, something that was unimaginable in this level of execution for the bass. The cd features the participation of the renowned Hamilton de Holanda, one of the most important brazilian musicians, adding voice and mandolin on Lago Puelo. Produced and directed by Ebinho Cardoso and Thiago Marques.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Thiago Marques Inca recording studio in Cuiabá MT – 2008

General Direction – Sidney Marques

Executive Production – Rejane De Musis

Graphic design and photos – Wersley Aguiar



1 - Ruanda – Ebinho Cardoso

2 - Lago Puelo – Ian Guest

3 - Awem – Ebinho Cardoso

4 - Brigas nunca mais –Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes

5 - Água viva – Ebinho Cardoso

6 - Ternura pelos desprotegidos – Ebinho Cardoso

7 - Vida Maria – Jubileu Filho / Sergio Faria

8 - Vento – Ebinho Cardoso

9 - No rastro dos ruídos remotos das rodas da infância – Ian Guest